Bishops invite us to care for creation on Earth Day

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On this special day when we honor Mother Earth around the globe, we heed a few insightful bishops’ messages about caring for our common home.

Message from Jorge E. Lozano, Archbishop of San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina, Secretary General of CELAM:

Our mother, our sister, the Earth, is a living being“.

Bishop Jorge Lozano from Argentina encourages us to “promote attitudes in the search for clean energies” and to definitively abandon “fossil fuels” as “the only form of energy we have” in order to “Invest in the Earth.

“Because all creatures are connected, each must be cherished with love and respect, for all of us as living creatures are dependent on one another”(LS 42).

Watch Archbishop Lozano’s video. *Activate YouTube captions:  

Message from José Luis Retana, Bishop of Ciudad Rodrigo and Salamanca, Spain:

“We are living in a time of great socio-environmental challenges,” Bishop José Luis Retana from Spain reminds us; challenges related to a just and green transition.

His wish is that “we all assume a position of protagonism … to achieve the decoupling of integral human development from fossil and dangerous energies; to know how to adapt and mitigate the consequences with solidarity among nations, sharing knowledge, technologies and financing to face the climate crisis”.

We thus join the many voices of civil society for a just and truly green transition, without fossil or dangerous energies, such as nuclear.

Watch Bishop Retana’s video. *Activate YouTube captions:  

Message from Dom Wilmar Santin, Prelature of Itaituba, Brazil

“Nature around the world is declining at a rate unprecedented in millions of years.

Dom Wilmar Santin from the Brazilian Amazon today reminds us that, “We all need to call on world leaders to take bold action to set a new global biodiversity target of at least 50% land and water conservation, and restoration and sustainable management of all remaining land and water bodies to ensure no more biodiversity collapse.”

Watch Bishop Santin’s video. *Activate YouTube captions:  


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