On the occasion of the Pope’s visit to Iraq and in the 10th year of the war in Syria

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Blog, News and Updates

The Pope’s visit to Iraq and the 10th year of war in Syria call on all of us to reject a culture of indifference and bear witness to the suffering of our sisters and brothers at the hands of special interests seeking short-term economic and/or political gain.

For this reason, GCCM held a roundtable conversion that focused on, “Fossil fuels and economic powers: no to plundering and conflict, yes to sharing the world’s resources with the entire human family.”

The moving and vital conversation was an opportunity for everyone to become more aware of the cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth as short-term gains and a dependency on fossil fuels continue to dominate our lives.

While many in the Global North have enjoyed economic development because of cheap fossil fuels, this has come at a grave price for countless people, including our most vulnerable sisters and brothers. This is a price we can no longer ignore.

During the webinar, we heard from speakers about how in Syria the interests of a few have led to the suffering of many. We also were reminded of the role that fossil fuels have played in the war.

Speakers from Uganda and Mozambique, where companies are seeking to expand fossil fuel extraction and transport for their gain, shared meaningful insights on the dangerous risks facing their local communities, the global human family, and our common home. In those two countries, many of the companies seeking further extraction are headquartered in Europe, including in Italy.

The following witnesses and experts participated in the conversation: 

  • Riccardo Cristiano, Vatican expert and Rai correspondent from the Middle East
  • Nello Scavo, journalist with Avvenire 
  • Mons. Youssef Antoine Soueif, Archbishop of Maronite of Tripoli, Lebanon
  • Don Sandro De Angeli, fidei donum of the Diocese of Urbino, four years in Moroto, in the north of Uganda
  • Mons. Francisco Chimoio, Metropolitan Archbishop of Maputo


Cecilia Dall’Oglio, Associate Director of European Programs, Global Catholic Climate Movement.