Laudato Si’ Movement

Laudato Si’ Movement’s identity statement:

“Laudato Si’ Movement seeks to be a Spirit-led movement that brings Catholics together to fulfill its stated mission. The movement brings together a wide range of Catholic organizations and grassroots members from around the world. These members walk together in synodality and communion with the universal Church on a journey of ecological conversion. Seeking unity in diversity, organizational and grassroots members come together to pray, collaborate and mobilize in response to the “cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.” Guided by a spirit of subsidiarity, when the time and context are right, they co-create or engage with local Laudato Si’ Circles and Chapters and connect with the global movement on a wide range of initiatives to bring Laudato Si’ to life.”

You could compare this movement to a blossoming tree in God’s creation: On the one side are the more than 730 Member Organizations that play crucial roles in leading big initiatives, such as Laudato Si’ Week and the Season of Creation, that bring Laudato Si’ to life. These organizations help facilitate such incredible projects and, all year, mobilize their thousands of members to unite for a better tomorrow.

On the other branches are the grassroots members, the everyday people of faith and goodwill who are truly leading their community to care for our common home through prayer, action, and advocacy. Every day, these on-the-ground leaders bring Laudato Si’ to life. They’re inspiring their sisters and brothers with their prophetic action, and they’re lighting the way for all of us, showing that, yes, we can build a better tomorrow, and we will. Examples of such powerful leaders are the thousands of Laudato Si’ Animators all over the world.

These two branches connect throughout the year in the form of Laudato Si’ Movement chapters and Laudato Si’ Circles. Chapters are independent organizations that work closely with Laudato Si’ Movement and its staff to spread the message of Laudato Si’ and create change in their communities. Laudato Si’ Circles are small groups that meet regularly to deepen their relationship with God.

Together, this movement comes together every day to bring Laudato Si’ to life.

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