Por el Día de la Tierra, católicos alrededor del mundo celebraron más de 700 eventos en 50 países.

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The incredibly diverse and impactful events illustrate the scope of Catholic action for our common home.

  • In Rome, the Focolare Movement partnered with Earth Day Italy to convene a massive “Earth Village” with over 100,000 visitors.
  • In Sao Paulo, a chain of 52 Catholic hospitals held Earth Day prayers and environmental trainings for staff.
  • In Karachi, a parish marched for creation care through the streets of the city.
  • In Boston, children drew pictures of what they most love about our planet and sent them to the archbishop to ask for better care of creation.
  • In a small village in Italy, a rosary made from seeds collected in the Amazon was used in praying a mass for creation.
  • In Panama City, dozens of people of all ages gathered in an open-air courtyard to sign and send letters advocating for our common home.

Events were organized by clergy, lay leaders, men and women religious, and trained Laudato Si’ Animators.  Together, Catholics are planting the seeds that grow into long-term, sustained progress.

Earth Day celebration in Nigeria

On Earth Day, Pope Francis tweeted “Let us follow the example of St Francis of Assisi and take care of our common Home.”  

We are grateful to be part of the community answering his call.


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Laudato Si’ Movement

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